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Wrekin Forest School and Adventure Centre

Welcome to

Wrekin Forest School and Adventure Centre

Welcome to

Wrekin Forest School and Adventure Centre

Wrekin Forest School is an innovative approach to the outdoors, where learning is an exciting adventure offering the opportunity for girls and boys of all ages and all abilities to explore the wonders of the woodland. Forest Schools is unique in its inspirational philosophy, motivation, ethos and concept, promoting a regular opportunity to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through a hands-on outdoor learning experience in a local woodland environment.

Its priority is the wellbeing of individuals both physically and psychologically.

We pride ourselves in being able to help those of every ability to access what we have to offer, led by me, Judie or my deputy manage Di and our team, as part of the core curriculum in school time, after school and holiday clubs, other clubs associated with young people, birthday parties and other celebratory opportunities, team building and end of year celebrations.All events and their activities will be planned around the participants themselves with consideration given to their age and interests.Those booking birthday parties and other celebrations will take an active part in planning their event, some ideas have been put together to get you started, so take a look at the ‘Parties’ page for more information.

Beyond the classroom ‘Forest School’ has enormous scope to provide a wide range of enjoyable outdoor activities for those of all ages, so don’t think that this fun is just for the youngsters, it also for the young at heart! If you want to learn something new, or do something you may have done when you were growing up then keep your eye on the events page and come along and enjoy fun for all the family.

We are fully insured with Activities Industry Mutual.

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