Wild adventure, Survival & Bushcraft, Team building & Forest School are great ways to fulfil many of the core educational requirements for children and young people. We seeks to work with groups of individual learners who have unique needs, abilities and interests and are at different stages of development.

We pride ourselves in providing a unique environment for those with a wide range of needs including those that may need special consideration and facilities, we have worked hard to create sensory areas including our sensory herb garden, quiet hammocks in which to relax, the bare foot walk. 

Participants will explore and experience the natural world through practical activities using the outdoors to promote cooperation, confidence, independence and self-esteem, includes the use of team-building games, archery, low ropes course & the obstacle course racing. Our environment will develop team building skills, assessed risk taking, problem solving skills, creative and investigative skills.  

We can provide bespoke ‘Team Building & Survival Days’, ‘Environmental’ & ‘Stone Age’ curriculum sessions, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘Stick Man’ & ‘Snail Trail’ adventure days & ‘Bushcraft, Woodcraft & Weaving’ Days. 

Please ask for examples of lessons plans, bespoke curriculum days and risk assessments for visits.

Planning, resources & training package:

I have a new exciting opportunity for schools, if you have a couple of willing but untrained staff in your school who would like deliver a version of forest school, perhaps, ‘Welly Wednesday’ or ‘Muddy Monday’ then I have the package for you! 

I can offer you a package of literally hundreds of planning ideas that meet the needs of outdoor classroom education and tick boxes for the indoor curriculum. This provision gives clear ideas and explanations, with lists of required resources from ‘Stone Age’ session for KS2 to a comprehensive package looking at ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ for KS1. This package will cost £250.

I can supply a resource package to go with several of these plans, for example number stone, ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story stones & story telling table, the ‘Snail Trail Basket’ & a den building package. This will cost £160.

I can come to you school and redesign or design your sight from scratch at £160 per day.

I can then spend two days with your chosen staff & children to demonstrate & train in the delivery of a good Forest Fun Session, this is £160 per day. You can call on me for support at any time. 

What will it cost to come to you & deliver FS in your setting?

  • After School Club £110, up to 2.5hrs
  • PPA cover £110 for half a day & £160 for a full day, we are pleased to offer this service, we will come in and delivery Bushcraft, Survival & Forest School sessions to up to two groups per half day & three groups per whole day, we can create fun, adventurous sessions that meet the needs of the curriculum, we can match topics to class topics and help you bring the in-doors out and the out-doors in. The price will include our preparation time and collecting many of the natural resources required for each session, we will do general site maintenance & development related to the outdoor Forest School area.
  • £110 for half a day and £160 for a full day for a regular contract using your nursery/school premises, with no more than 25 children per session and with no more than three sessions per whole day

What will it cost for us to deliver training, lesson plans & site advice?

  • £210 for whole day of site preparation, planning advice and consultation at your school (9am – 4pm). Will include construction of some basic resources eg mud kitchen table structure, supply of some log seating
  • £250 for full set of written yearly plans & activity ideas, suggested book & tool list to meet the needs of children from Reception to Yr 6
  • £250 for a full set of Hungry Caterpillar resources, including painted stones for story telling & pattern making maths resources, log pictures discs for hiding, butterfly kit, pre-drilled wooden discs for caterpillar threading & the book of course, their will be a number & shape seating logs, number stones of various content, ‘The Snail Trail’ book & resources, willow poles & two tarps for den building, four information books
  • £210 Half day of ‘Fire Pit’ Training for those delivering ‘Forest Fun’, provision of ‘Forest Fun’ safety manual for tool use & bespoke risk assessments for your site

Why not visit us:

  • For a regular set of sessions, ie at least 6 sessions, prices from £110
  • For one off primary school visits, £9 per child, daily min charge £270 (30 children), if you come to WFS wood for one off visits with up to 90 children, this maybe as general education visit or a bespoke topic day such as a ‘Stone Age Experience Day’, ‘Stick Man Adventures’ or ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ exploration, equipment, resources & staff, insurance, drinks and marshmallows for open fire roasting  (lunch provided by attendees). Staff ratios must be provided by the school attending.

I am a qualified primary school teacher, a Level 3 qualified Forest School Leader, hold a current outdoor first aid certificate and hold a GNAS Archery Leaders certificate. My staff are equally well qualified and will sometimes lead sessions as part of my team. We all hold current DBS certificates and are either qualified or training in child orientated skills.

A suggested ‘Kit List’ for your school site:

A selection of waterproofs, Bug pots, magnifying glasses, potato peelers, pin hammers, mallets, folding saw, bow saw, basic selection of garden equipment, bug, tree, plant and fungi ID books, basic selection of story and poetry books for example ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ clip boards, rope, string, scissors, felt tip pens, pencils, paint, glue, canopies, mud kitchen pots and pans.

Sharing Good Practice Fun Days:

These days are designed to allow Forest School professionals to share good practice and ideas with one another, learn new skills and have fun! We will give you access to a fab site, lead foraging and cooking activities, including supplying food for your lunch, we will allow likeminded people to share their ideas and network over coffee and cake. We will promise to have shelter from any rain with a warm fire burning and kettles always on. We will add a little fun to the day by allowing you to have a turn in the archery lane, a shelter building competition and a turn in the woodcraft centre! We will give you a certificate of completion at the end of the day, this will include good practice & safe fire use.

These events occur at regular intervals, next one will be Spring 2020, the cost will be £40 per head and will include all drinks, food and resources for the day! Booking is essential and will require a £10 deposit. Please email or text me your details and pay your deposit by BACS to secure your booking!

Contact details: Phone: 07888851813,Email: info@wrekinforestschool.co.uk