Home-education is an alternative to children attending school; many families choose to exercise their legal right to take primary responsibility for the education of their children.

Dates for 2020:

Home Education Goes Wild runs the second Monday of each month, May to October inclusive, 12.30pm-3pm.  £5 for pre-payment per half term or £7 per session for those 3yrs & over session by session. We start back Monday 11th May 2020.

Twice a year we run full day Forest School led sessions, 10.30am-3.30pm, £12 for the first child & £6 for siblings, £25 when leaving a child in our care, includes light snack. These sessions will occur in April/May (Thursday 23rd April, Thursday 30th April & Thursday 14th May) & September/October.

Wrekin Forest School offers families who home-educate the opportunity to learn, meet new friends and have fun in our beautiful woodland. We will provide you with access to all the woodland has to offer and you can come and use what we have to meet your own needs, bring food to cook on our open fire if you wish.

Unless paying to leave your children in our care Parents/carers MUST remain with & supervise / assist their children, we are not staffed to a ratio that is acceptable for unaccompanied children. The regular sessions are run on the second Monday of each of each term time month, from 12.30-3pm, between April and November, If you book and pay for all sessions each term the cost will be £5 per child three years and over. For individual/pay as you go sessions the cost will be £7 per child. Activities can include:

  • exploration and construction
  • whittling and woodcraft – staffed
  • shelter building
  • tree & bug identification
  • fire lighting skills
  • nature detectives
  • archery – staffed
  • air rifle shooting  – staffed
  • zip wire
  • rope swing
  • low ropes
  • open fire lit for all your outdoor cookery needs, bring your ingredient and experiment on the fire
  • and a lot more…

We aim to encourage learning through cross-curricular activities! 

Our bespoke set of full day led sessions will be looking at expanding a wide variety of skills! 

Dates for the new year:

  • Regular monthly sessions start on Monday May 11th, 12.30-3pm 2020, they will run the second Monday of each term time Monday, with the final session being in October. For the discount price of £5 per child pay for three summer sessions, no compromise or refunds, for discount all three must be booked and paid for! £7 per session if you prefer to pay as you go!
  • Children from 3-16 years old are charged, younger children are welcome and are free when accompanied by older siblings, otherwise please pay £3 for your youngster.
  • Adults free but are asked to contribute to their refreshments or bring along refreshment to cook & drink if desired.
  • Regular monthly Monday sessions: Children £7 per session per child or £5 per child if pre booked and pre paid for the full terms sessions. NO REFUNDS!!!
  • Please complete the booking form below.