Serving families, young people & adults with any ‘Additional Needs & Mental Health Needs’:

Forest School serves the physical, academic, emotional and spiritual needs of those well beyond primary school age. It is the intention of Wrekin Forest School to provide a setting that encourages children, young people & adults alike to explore a natural environment and develop new skills through their own directed learning & exploration, we have a desire for each person who attends to leave with a sense of inner peace, as well as having made new friends, learnt new skills & grown in confidence no matter what their age or ability.

We hope that we can provide an environment that serves everyones needs, where artists can be inspired to create with our new art room equipment, designers can construct in our woodcraft centre, those who seek peace can find a quiet hammock in which to watch the passing clouds or listen to the birds sing. We hope you would enjoy all that we do at Wrekin ‘forest School, but we do offer special occasions just for you!

Young people “absolutely love” being outside, actually we all love being outside, we are designed to be out in a natural environment using all our senses, we all feel better away from the madness of our modern world, getting away from the screens that dominate our everyday lives, the evidence is overwhelming, we are healthier physically & mentally when we are exposed to the natural outside world.

From an educational point of view we intend to provide an environment that allows attendees to do tasks that they can achieve successfully, often demanding co-operation between young people for example creating seating as many young people will object when asked to sit on the floor, making campfires out of the necessity to eat a good hot meal. They will be encouraged to use new equipment and learn new skills for example using saws & drills, doing square lashings, knots and creating shelters, learning fire lighting skills.

There is a basic format to each visit; boundaries, rules and health and safety issues will be reinforced. Many of the main activities will be directed by the young people themselves although the Forest School leader will provide a stimulus and give ideas and direction as required! There is access to everything from the air rifle to archery, from den making to woodcraft! The most important aspect of any visit is to leave with a sense of achievement having gained confidence in new skills!

Our family days allow the whole family to come to forest school together, we provide a fun, non judgemental environment where children with additional/special needs are accepted, welcomed and encouraged, we will ensure that all members of the family are cared for and try to be as inclusive as possible. Much of our space is accessible by wheelchairs, we will assist where possible to allow as much access as possible. We run our special family session on the last Saturday of each month, from April to November inclusive, 9.30-11.30am and the last Sunday of each month 2-4pm. £5 per child, includes activities, a drink & marshmallows for roasting. Come as a whole family and have fun! NO BOOKING Required!